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Audition pieces and show information

Babes in the Wood and Robin Hood

King Ricky goes on a crusade leaving his brother John in charge of England and his children -the Babes. John is greedy and doesn't like children, so the Sheriff devises a cunning plan to help John get rid of the Babes. He wants Maid Marion's hand in marriage in return!

Set in and around Kingsclere, they haven't reckoned upon the arrival of a new man in town - Robin Hood (albeit before he was famous!)

Will their dastardly plan work? Will the Sheriff marry Marion? Will John become King? Will Robin save the day? Is that a talking horse?!! And what are lobsters doing at the market?  All will be revealed!


With plenty of fun characters, laughter, boos, frivolity, song and dance and audience participation, join the journey of Babes in the Wood and Robin Hood to see how the tale unfolds....

Audition Pieces

Act 1 Scene 6 - The Schoolhouse

Nurse Prickum, Mo, Joe, Whiff, Grub, Hug, Bigeyes, Suitcase

Act 1 Scene 8- The Market

Robin, Crier Tuck, Finn, Mulch, Jack,

Scarlett, Sue, Marion, Nurse Prickum,

Whiff, Bigeyes, Hug, Grub, Suitcase,

Sheriff, Little John

Act 2  Scene 1 - Fairies

Fizz and Wizz

Act 2  Scene 3  - Riff Raff Alley

John, Donatella, Sheriff, Sid, Stan, 

Please print and bring with you for the parts you are interested in.

There will be a few scripts available on the day should you have problems printing.

You may also be asked to read sections of the script that are not on here.

Your audition may involve some singing and dancing.

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